Exporting to more than 135 countries, MİTAŞ Group, with 7 factories operating in 4 separate locations and a production capacity of 235,000 tons per year, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the production of energy transmission line towers, substation steel structures and telecommunication towers. 


MİTAŞ Energy ranked 299th in the list of “Turkey’s 500 Big Industrial Enterprises” organized by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry in 2016.


In addition to the factories for bolts, plate products, welded structures, poles and galvanizing, a new investment is under construction for painting and composite poles manufacturing in Ankara. With these investments, MİTAŞ Group aims to bring its innovative products to the top level for world markets.


MİTAŞ Welding and Plate Processing took the 23rd place in the category of “Innovation Resources” in the competition İnovaLİG organized by the Turkish Exporters’ Assembly for the first time in Turkey with the participation of 761 companies.


MİTAŞ Energy ranked 242nd in the general ranking and 25th in the industrial ranking in the survey for Turkey’s Most Successful 1000 Exporters organized by the Turkish Exporters’ Assembly in 2016.

MİTENG ranked 398th in the survey for Turkey’s 500 Big Service Exporters in 2016


MİTAŞ Group has the expertise and experience of more than 60 years in the design and production of the steel towers for energy distribution lines up to 36 kV and for energy transmission lines up to 1200 kV.

The steel towers are designed in lattice or polygonal types in accordance with customer specifications and the applicable international standards.

A prototype of new designed towers is assembled and inspected, then subjected to load tests at the competent test stations if specified by the customer for design verification purposes so that possible mistakes are corrected before the mass production and, proper products are delivered with the effective product planning process.

Energy transmission line towers are manufactured at CNC benches with precise tolerances located in the lattice tower and polygonal pole factories, and coated with zinc in the galvanisation factories in MİTAŞ Group Companies. Inspections and tests carried out in the factories at process and final product stages ensure the compliance of the products with the customer specifications and the applicable standards.

MİTAŞ Group possesses the required level of infrastructure and expertise for the purpose of carrying out a perfect quality of galvanised coating for all types of steel structures and fasteners thanks to its 5 units of hot-dip galvanised coating facilities and 2 units of centrifuge coating facilities between 4.5 and 12.5 meters in length within its organization.

Hot-dip galvanising process, being the most efficient and permanent method to protect the steel against corrosion, is carried out by means of dipping the steel products into the molten zinc bath after surface pretreatment and, then subjected to the operations of cooling and/or passivation.

All these processes are carried out in the galvanising factories of MİTAŞ Group located in Ankara, İzmir and Kocaeli by means of modern facilities with closed systems for preventing any types of negative factors that may affect the environment and in line with the customer requirements and the applicable legal requirements. The coating processes are carried out in line with the respective customer requirements and as per the applicable standards (ISO, EN, AS...

Since its first production of polygonal poles in 1992, the MİTAŞ Group has continuously improved its design and production capacities and, included poles for lighting, energy transmission and distribution, telecommunication, aerial cable cars, advertisement, signalization and flags into its range of products in a very short span of time.

Steel poles are designed in polygonal and circular cross section as a single piece up to 12 meters in length and as multiple pieces more than 50 meters in length in line with customer specifications and as per the applicable international standards. Poles are fabricated in cutting, bending and submerged arc welding machines in pole production factories and, delivered as galvanised coated and/or painted as per the customer requirements. 

Continuous improvements are considered in line with customer satisfaction by prioritizing the developments in respect of aesthetic appearance and easy-to-install features in the design and production of poles. In addition, on-site consultancy and installment services are offered upon request of customers.

All the p...

MİTAŞ Group offers services for the design, production and logistics of steel towers at the world-class standards in the telecommunication industry, as being the approved manufacturer by many well-known GSM operators.

The designed and manufactured telecommunication towers are mainly categorized into two groups as lattice type and polygonal type. Ground and rooftop towers can be varied as 3 or 4 legs. Further, radar, communication, TV-FM, satellite, meteorology and observation towers as well as wind turbine supporting systems and special type guyed towers are designed and manufactured according to customer specifications.

Since the telecommunication infrastructure has a room for development, R&D efforts are focused and cost-efficient, high capacity, and elegant products compatible with environment and human health regulations are developed by a team of qualified engineers in line with customer specifications and applicable international standards.

Following the design of verification of the towers by means of prototype assembly, they are manufactured by means of CNC machines in the...

MİTAŞ Group operates in the design and production of steel structures for AIS and GIS type of substations as well as mobile substations between 11 kV and 750 Kv, capacitor bank platforms, solar energy plant steel structures, railway signalization poles, camera poles, industrial steel structures and any types of accessories thereof in accordance with customer specifications and as per the applicable international standards.

Priority is given to design the products with an optimum number of parts and simple connections with a high degree of rigidness in order to provide easy installation of the structures. Design process includes the preparation of static analyses, production and installation drawings as well as production cards of the structures. The whole process is performed and carried out by a special team of qualified engineers, using well-known design, modelling and drawing programs.

All the structures designed and developed are manufactured by means of CNC machines in factories within MİTAŞ Group. Welding procedures, which are often needed for such types of structures, are carried out by certif...

MİTAŞ Group offers the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services for the construction and commissioning of energy transmission and distribution lines as well as substations in line with customer requirements, technical specifications and as per the applicable laws and regulations.

Through its team of specialist staff on EPC and the group companies which offer advantages in procurement and deadlines, MİTAŞ Group has the ability to take quick actions in EPC projects and, thus, has successfully completed 8,000 kms power lines in total to date, mostly for international projects. It has also participated and currently participates in many critical domestic projects initiated by TEİAŞ (Turkish Electricity Transmission Company). 

MİTAŞ Group stands out among its rivals since it has always completed its operations in terms of design, survey, development, engineering, supply of materials (procurement), construction (civil works, erection, wire stringing, energizing) and commissioning for key-turn projects in a timely and quality manner and by giving great importance to occupational health-...

MİTAŞ Group uses its own engineering companies to carry out engineering, design and detailing for lattice and polygonal type of towers for energy transmission and distribution lines, substations, lighting, aerial cable cars, railway catenaries and other steel towers and structures and, in addition, offers consultancy services to foreign companies in this respect.

The qualified engineers employed by our engineering companies perform and carry out their tasks by means of up-to-date sectoral software in line with customer specifications and as per applicable international standards. Among these software are PLS-Tower, PLS-Cadd, PLS-Pole, SAP-2000, Autocad, Bricscad, All-Pile, TEKLA Structures and Global Mapper. In addition, some unique software developed within the company, which are able to carry out design and analysis processes as per applicable European, Canadian and American standards are also used.

MİTAŞ Group manufactures bolts, anchors, stud bolts, nuts and washers for energy transmission and distribution lines towers, telecommunication towers, poles, machines, buildings, steel constructions, automotive / automotive sub-industry in line with customer specifications and international standards.

With its cold forging machines and hot forging presses having CNC control and fast die changeover features as well as its investments in new technologies, MİTAŞ Group has achieved to hold such a position to compete well-known international manufacturers of fasteners. All fasteners are manufactured at requested quality levels within short deadlines in accordance with the just-in-time production method and, delivered to the customers.

Quality control of fasteners which have CE compliance certificates as per the requirements of factory production control under EN 14399 and EN 15048 standards are carried out by means of tension, impact and torque tests as well as microstructural inspection, hardness measurement, salt-spray testing, coating inspection and chemical analyses.

MİTAŞ Group has sta...

Started to manufacture precise metal plate products by purchasing “laser-punch” machine, a first in Turkey, bending machines and precise machining equipment in 1996, MİTAŞ Group has made investments in technology considering the increasing business volume since then, making it able to manufacture precise metal plate products and welded structures for the needs of many industries such as energy, defense and construction.

All production processes are carried out at CNC machines with precise tolerances in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality management system and EN 1090 factory production control standards. Welding procedures are performed by certified welding operators using automatic welding robots as per European, Canadian and American welding standards.

Compliance of production operations to specifications and standards from the stage of input materials to the final products are ensured by inspections and tests carriet out as per customer demands and standards. Welded structures are also tested by nondestructive examination.

MİTAŞ Group, the only holder in Turkey of the w...

MİTAŞ Group engages in the production of chemicals used for the galvanisation process as per the applicable international standards through its group company.

The range of products is expanded day by day with its high quality chemicals and alloyed tablets developed and being developed in line with customer requirements and, innovative innovative products are offered thanks to its strong laboratory and R&D department. 

By closely following and implementing technological advancements, MİTAŞ Group has achieved to produce such chemicals, which were outsourced from abroad with high costs up and long-term deadlines until today, in Turkey as per applicable international standards. The pretreatment bath installation and after-sales support services are also offered for the products sold.

In addition to the production and sales of galvanising chemicals, consultancy services for establishing galvanisation facilities and, services for analysing, advising and problem-solving to increase the efficiency are proposed.

World-class products and services are continued to be provi...

Being one of the first companies to use the enterprise resource planning software (SAP) in Turkey, MİTAŞ Group has gained a great experience in this platform early to provide information solutions for the requirements of both its group companies and other corporations in various industries.

MİTAŞ Group also aims to provide support to the companies in terms of informatics technologies as a local solution partner with a strong enterprise resource planning infrastructure and expert staff providing SAP consultancy, training, maintenance and support services as well as developing software integrated with SAP modules, human resources services, risk management, process improvement, reporting and support services.

The efforts carried out in these fields are intended to the following:

  • Business and process consultancy: to increase the productivity, reduce the costs and take right and strong steps in developing market conditions by means of analyzing competition dynamics,
  • Application and software development: to offer innovative services to maximize the return on investments by ensu...




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