Vision of MİTAŞ Group: Our vision is to be the leader in the industries we operate.

Mission of MİTAŞ Group: Our mission is to provide quality products and services by means of using of creative, safe and environmentally friendly technologies and applications, contributing the development and welfare of the countries and thus enhancing the life quality of people.

Integrated Management System Policy:

As an internationally recognized contractor and a reliable partner to many in the power transmission sector, we stand by global challenges and responsibilities.

Dedicated to our company motto  , it is our mission to develop and build the reliable and efficient power transmission systems transmitting the sustainable and clean energy to the communities in need all over the globe thus make a valuable contribution to the improvement of communities and environment.

MİTAŞ Enerji continuously strives for stimulating and sustaining the awareness to shape and further develop occupational health and safety, health protection as well as environmental, energy and quality management effectively in an integrated management system based on the company principles and performance demands.


In particular;

  • We integrate the requirements of our Clients, partners and all other stakeholders as well as relevant regulations, laws, standards and internal guidelines effectively into our company processes which we continuously improve.
  • We promote a learning culture and work out preventive and corrective measures against non-compliances and incidents for all company processes in collaboration with our employees, Clients and partners.
  • We make our performance in the areas of quality, environment, energy, occupational health and safety and health protection measurable and controllable using concrete targets and performance indicators.
  • We assume responsibility and are committed to environmental protection by respecting the right of living for every creature on the mother earth, conserving resources, and improving energy efficiency at all stages of business execution in order to prevent environmental impacts.
  • We work in the long term and invest in each employee through continuous education and training, promotion of better well-being and ergonomic work environment in order to protect the health of our employees and any third parties involved by reducing the risk of occupational accidents and work-related illnesses.
  • We implement the highest-quality raw materials and operate with the performance demand of quality leadership in order to supply a mature and high-quality product.
  • We strive for acquiring and applying reliable, sustainable and durable technology that keeps us a leader in the sector.



Altan Kaya Altay

General Manager